Smart Dashboards
Smart Dashboards Jayesh Patil September 27, 2023

Avigna Smart Dashboard

Your Data, Your Way

Welcome to Avigna Smart Dashboards. Imagine having your IoT devices at your fingertips, offering real-time insights and control. That’s what our Smart Dashboards bring to the table – a smarter, more connected world for you.

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IoT Insights Your Way
Effortless Data Visualization
Effortless Dashboard Creation

Our Smart Dashboards allow you to craft tailored dashboards swiftly using the drag-and-drop interface, pre-made widgets, and simplified customization, saving you time and resources compared to conventional methods.

Rich Data Insights

At Avigna, we recognize that data is the currency of the new age. Our dynamic charts and graphs simplify trend identification, enabling data-backed decision-making. Unleash the potential of your data by translating complexity into interactive visuals using Avigna Smart Dashboards.

User-Focused Design

Forget the hassles of tech coding. With Avigna Smart Dashboards, no tech wizardry needed. Our user-friendly interface ensures that individuals across your organization can harness data’s potential, regardless of their technical background.

Tailored to Perfection

Our Smart Dashboards allow you to personalize dashboards to your exact requirements. You can adapt layouts, color schemes, and widget placements to align with your brand requirements.

Our Smart Dashboards Offerings
Visualize IoT Data Intuitively with Avigna Smart Dashboards.

Our Smart Dashboards offer everything you need to navigate IoT with confidence.  From beginner-friendly features to the ability to provide advanced Data insights, our Smart Dashboards provide it all.

Driven by our values
  • Futuristic
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  • Commitment
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state of art

Cutting-edge technology to help you utilize the ultimate potential of your data with minimal technical know-how.


Be a forerunner of IoT innovation in your industry. Equip yourself with the technology trends and transform your organization.

Data driven

Make the complete usage of data. Discover hidden insights and make them available seamlessly across the organization.

Business transformation
Business Transformation

Leverage the potential of IoT training in reducing organizational costs, experiencing operational transformation, and elevating customer experience.

Simplify IoT Management with Avigna Smart Dashboards.