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IoT Training and Workshops Jayesh Patil September 25, 2023
Avigna IoT Training & Workshops

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Welcome to Avigna IOT Training Services, where innovation meets education. At AvignaAI, we understand that IoT is more than a technology; it’s a transformative force. Our cutting-edge courses delivered by industry experts empower organizations to harness the full potential of IoT technology.

IOT Training
Leading IoT Education
Empowering IoT Innovators
Expert-Led Learning

Our IoT trainers are seasoned professionals with a passion for IoT innovation and excellence and bring real-world experience in designing award-winning solutions to the classroom.

Comprehensive Curriculum

At Avigna, we understand your learning requirements. Our training programs are comprehensive and cover from basic to advanced topics. Wherever you are in your IoT learning journey, we have the perfect learning programs that meet your needs.

Hands-on Experience

Our hands-on workshops and labs provide an opportunity to apply your learning to real-world challenges, preparing you to be industry-ready. 

Customized Solutions

Our experts believe in the power of customization. Whether you are a novice or an expert and require corporate training, individual courses, or industry-specific workshops, we’ve got you covered.

Our IoT Training and Workshops Offerings
Your IoT Learning Journey Begins with Avigna.

Our signature IoT Training and Workshops cater to the specific requirements of every organization. We offer training programs that cover a wide range of your learning needs from fundamentals to advanced IoT topics.

Driven by our values
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Stay Competitive

Empower yourself or your team to achieve more in the rapidly evolving IoT landscape.


Be a forerunner of IoT innovation in your industry. Equip yourself with the technology trends and transform your organization.

Career Growth
Career Growth

Become a sought-after IoT professional. Master IoT technology end-to-end and boost your career prospects.

Business Transformation

Leverage the potential of IoT training in reducing organizational costs, experiencing operational transformation, and elevating customer experience.

Stay at the forefront of the IoT revolution with Avigna.