Analytics Library
Analytics Library Jayesh Patil September 27, 2023
Analytics Library

Make data-driven decisions confidently with Avigna Analytics Library


Welcome to Avigna Analytics Library. Transform data into actionable insights, make quick decisions, improve operations and elevate customer experiences. Our customizable modules seamlessly integrate into your IoT ecosystem, adapting to your specific needs.

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IoT Analytics Your Way
The Gateway to Your Data-driven Success
Rapid Analytics Development

Our Analytics Library allows streamlined development process and enables you to create advanced solutions quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Data Exploration

Uncover patterns and trends with the slicing and dicing frameworks inbuilt in the Analytics Library.

Visualization at Your Fingertips

Let our built-in visualization components help transform data into meaningful visuals, compelling charts, and dashboards.

Plug-and-Play Analytics

Save time and efforts with the pre-built tools and algorithms, plugging in your data to extract valuable insights.

Seamless Data Compatibility

Forget the hassles of working on unstructured data. Our Analytics Library accommodates your data, whether structured or unstructured, and helps you gain deeper insights.

Our Analytics Library Offerings
Visualize IoT Data Intuitively with Avigna Analytics Library

Our Analytics Library offers versatile data manipulation frameworks allowing you to utilize the ultimate power of data.  Elevate your analytics game with ease and efficiency with the comprehensive suite of algorithms in our Analytics Library.

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Cutting-edge technology to help you utilize the ultimate potential of your data to make empowered decisions.


Accommodate your growing data needs, and customize the dashboards to your business needs.

User friendly
User-friendly Interface

Empower your teams to derive the value from data with easy-to-use, user-friendly interface.


Seamlessly integrate with various data sources and existing software systems for data consolidation from multiple sources.

Unlock the power of your data with Avigna Analytics Library.