Rules Engine
Rules Engine Jayesh Patil August 21, 2023

AvignaAI’s Rules Engine

Unleash the Power of Data.

At Avigna, we are committed to empowering you throughout the IoT implementation journey. Our revolutionary product Rules Engine puts you in control of your data like never before. Our user-friendly intuitive Rule Editor eliminates data management hassles and lets you harness the fullest potential of your data assets.

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Key Features
The power of customization in your hands
Freedom to define your own rules

Say goodbye to traditional, inflexible data management applications. Our robust Rules Editor presents you with the fullest freedom to effortlessly author, adjust, and execute rules, assuring accurate processing of your data in alignment with your unique business needs.  

Real-time alerts for actionable insights

With AvignaAI’s rule engine, you can set your own criteria and configure individualized alerts. The power-packed engine empowers you to proactively addresses pivotal occurrences, make informed choices and timely interventions.

User-friendly editor

Our user-friendly Rules Editor caters to all levels of expertise. Whether you are a seasoned data analyst or a beginner, our intuitive interface helps you navigate the intricacies of data management and ensures a smooth rule-writing and management experience.

All-in-one powerful package
Transformative solution for data management efforts

AvignaAI’s Rules Engine unleashes the ultimate potential of your datasets. Experience a blend of customization, instant alerts, and user-friendly interface – all bundled in a powerful package. Gain more returns on your data analysis efforts and competitive edge with profound insights and elevated assurance.

Data Management Like Never Before
  • Scalable
  • Customizable
  • Real-time alerts
  • User-friendly editor
  • Actionable insights
From the house of an award-winning team

Our acclaimed product carries our legacy of excellence in the IoT domain.

Data maangement control
Data management control

Set your own rules aligned with your business requirements and experience the freedom in data management.

Secure and robust

Designed to offer the ultimate data security and peace of mind to enterprise owners.

Solution for all needs
A solution for all sizes

Plug and play, customize to your needs – our Rules Engine suit every need.

cutting edge
Cutting-edge product

Built with state-of-art capabilities to meet the needs of futuristic businesses.

Proven product

A community of satisfied clients who vouch for the reliability of the solution.

Transform Your Data Management with Avigna Rules Engine.