The Winner of IoT Breakthrough Awards App Development Platform of the Year 2021
Award-winning IOT Platform Avigna Cube Jayesh Patil August 11, 2023

Our Award Winning IoT Product

Avigna Cube

At Avigna, our commitment to creating a connected world is reflected in our signature IoT platform Avigna Cube. The winner of the most acclaimed “IoT Breakthrough Awards App Development Platform of the Year” in 2021, our pioneering product stands as a proof of our passion for innovation and inventive strides and received extensive admiration and recognition.

Avigna Cube
Key Features
The platform for a paradigm shift

Our IoT platform is an all-comprehensive solution for businesses of any size and complexity. Packed with the cutting-edge IoT techniques, Avigna Cube scales effortlessly catering to the evolving needs of businesses and their IoT networks.

Seamless Connectivity

Avigna Cube accommodates diverse communication protocols and plays a pivotal role in solving the integration challenges within the IoT ecosystem. Our IoT platform is the ideal solution that offers a frictionless data flow among devices, sensors and applications.

Data Analytics

Our platform comes equipped with cutting-edge data analytics utilities that help enterprises extract invaluable insights. Avigna Cube is a reliable solution for businesses that are keen to fine-tune operations, enhance overall efficiency and leverage the potential of IoT and connected technologies.


Our unwavering commitment to security forms the basis for our IoT platform. Embedded with formidable encryption and authentication protocols, Avigna Cube offers and impervious layer of protection and ultimate defence against conceivable risks.


When we say our platform is a one-size-fits-it-all, we mean it. Designed to cater to the varying needs of individual markets, Avigna Cube empowers enterprises to create bespoke IoT solutions finely tuned to their targeted requirements.


Avigna Cube simplifies end-to-end IoT application development. Our platform empowers enterprise owners to build their choicest IoT applications faster, irrespective of their technical prowess.

Our Acclaimed IOT Product
Avigna Cube is a power-packed, trailblazing IoT platform

We take pride in our Avigna Cube, the winner of the prestigious IoT Breakthrough Award, the independent global market intelligence recognition in the Internet of Things industry. This award drives our passion and reminds us of our vision to play a game-changing role in the IoT domain.

Powerful all-comprehensive IoT platform
  • Award-winner
  • Ultimate data security
  • Pioneering solution
  • Versatile and user-friendly
  • Cutting-edge IoT product
Award winner

An acclaimed champion honoured for its excellence in the IoT landscape.

Data security
Data security

Impenetrable protection for your business reputation and peace of mind.

Inventive solution
Inventive solution

Unique solution to simplify IoT application development for businesses big and small.


IoT solution jam-packed with ultimate scalability, ease-of-use, and safety.

Futuristic platform

Scales with the evolving business needs at no extra effort from your side.

Tried and tested

An ecosystem of happy customers that speaks for the reliability of the platform.

Experience the future now with Avigna Cube.