IoT Year in Review 2023: IoT News and Highlights Nambivel Raj December 26, 2023

IoT Year in Review

2023 is a year to remember in the IoT industry. The industry underwent a remarkable transformation as nations and companies emphasized security and compliance more than before. Below we curated the mentionable updates in the IoT industry from across the globe. We hope you find it insightful.

1. Issues in IoT supply chain

Chip shortages due to factory shutdowns and supply chain problems also affected industries like auto design. Even as new semiconductor fabs are constructed to cope with demand, shortages may continue until around 2024. One promising solution is to build fabs closer to the sources of demand. (Source)

2. With more AI assistance, the interpretation of IoT data is improving.

AI software and hardware advances in 2023 helped improve model training. Firms seek to accelerate the analysis of IoT data, and more devices will become connected for model training as models adapt autonomously. (Source)

3. The Corporate Metaverse and the Relevance of Digital Twins

In 2023, two major tech trends reshaped industry and enterprise. The metaverse uses data from IoT sensors to create lifelike digital replicas of many different systems. Experiential metaverse tech that empowers business users to explore and understand these digital twins strengthens decision-making. (Source)

4. Setting up Cybersecurity Labeling Standards for IoT Devices.

The White House National Security Council also strives to define uniform security labels for consumer IoT devices in the US by early next year, which will help buyers understand device risks. The UK plans similar legislation. (Source)

5. IoT Space: Addressing Governance and Regulatory Frameworks

In 2023, the EU will introduce stricter regulations on handling smart device data as countries worldwide seek to regulate IoT. For balanced growth, China also looks at IoT policies. (Source)

6. Integrating blockchain technology into the IoT ecosystem

In 2023, blockchain integration into IoT reflects changes in security and transparency within device ecosystems. (Source)

7. Security of Health Data Under Spotlight with IBM’s MOVEit Exploit

The MOVEit exploit discovered by IBM emphasizes the importance of high-level health data security and sequential cybersecurity to protect IoT applications in 2023. (Source)

8. vs ChatGPT: A Fight for Rule of the Mobile Apps!

An AI character design app, is gaining a following in the US, with 4.2 million people using it each month and quickly catching up to ChatGPT at its peak of zillion users per month last year attracts a younger crowd and keeps users interacting longer. (Source)

9. Awesome breakthrough in high-resolution computer vision!

MIT and MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab announce the EfficientViT model for computer vision. This technical approach reduces complexity, so real-time decision-making in autonomous vehicles and medical imaging can be done without losing accuracy. (Source)

10. Transforming Innovations in the Healthcare Sector With Health 2.0 Las Vegas

This conference was exceptional as there were leaders and many innovators from different parts of the world within the healthcare sector. The conference focused on digital health, telemedicine, AI, and patient-centered care. Here, too, the role of technology in shaping future directions for healthcare was noted. (Source)

11. The Outlook for Healthcare Technology in the USA: 2023 Survey Insights

The Healthcare Technology Survey 2023 shared insights from Mindbowser’s conversations with 50 healthcare tech founders nationwide into raising standards for future generations and fortifying frontier developments to improve care. (Source)

12. What Healthcare CEOs Should Know About Generative AI.

Accenture’s Rich Birhanzel emphasizes the responsible use of generative AI in healthcare using data, creating use standards, and integrating A.I. with human expertise to achieve trust and fairness. (Source)

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