Building a Sustainable IoT Ecosystem- Strategies and Solutions Nambivel Raj November 14, 2023

Building a Sustainable IoT Ecosystem- Strategies and Solutions

Sustainable IoT Ecosystem ebook

The Internet of Things has made feasible a digital future where everything is connected (IoT).

Sadly, most of the connected devices available today operate in isolated systems, often called vertical silos. This hinders the progress of a unified global Internet of Things (IoT).

Imagine a society in which our buildings function as intelligent ecosystems that store energy while still offering comfort. Enhancing our knowledge of how buildings interact with their environment and residents is possible through the usage of the Internet of Things (IoT), which interconnects building systems and sensors.

This e-book examines two goals to achieve: 

  • First, we will understand buildings as interconnected systems and show how IoT can bridge the gap between theoretical energy-saving methods and real-world measurements.
  • Second, we shall go through the recommendations on how Enterprise owners can build sustainable IoT systems and make informed decisions.

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